Most frequent questions and answers

Moonberg is a Crypto Community that participates in the success of the cryptocurrencies and gives you the opportunity to use the Moon Coin and the Moonbot as community to get better profits and trading results!

The Moonbot is a trading bot which we use to generate Profit on several Exchanges.

The daily average Profit from the past year was 0.76%.

30 Days License – 40% Profit Distribution 

120 Days License – 50% Profit Distribution

180 Days License – 60% Profit Distribution

240 Days License – 70% Profit Distribution 

360 Days License – 80% Profit Distribution

As Example:

The longer you use the Moonbot, the more of the profits you get!

For Example, If we make 1% profit on one day, you will only get a percentage of it based on your dollar value and your Moonbot License. Your Deposit in the MoonBot will be locked for the duration of the license period you choose.

At the End of the license period your initial Deposit in the Moonbot will be exchanged at the current rate back to Moon Coins.

The Minimum Deposit to use the Moonbot is 25$.

All MoonBot Users pay a 5% fee to join the Moonbot for and that fee will be distributed to the Community. 

All users get the opportunity through their own referral link to receive 8 Level deep a passive Moon Rewards. Invite friends and acquaintances to receive Deposits Rewards from the Moonbot.

The moonbot rank rewards will be shared with all users on the same level. For example all  Moonshiners share 2,5% profit for the month as a rewards.